LCI Seminar

NJBWC will facilitate a League Cycling Instructor in New Brunswick, NJ on the weekend of April 20-22. The instructor will be Jim Nicholson and the site facilitator will be Karen Jenkins. If you are interested in attending the seminar and want information, you can contact either Karen or Jim. If you are ready to sign up, and have done the pre-requisite Traffic Skills 101 course (what NJBWC calls Smart Cycling), you can register for the seminar with the League of American Bicyclists. You must be a member of the League to register for the seminar. And if you have not yet done the pre-requisite, NJBWC is offering a class on March 31 in Piscataway, NJ.

Becoming a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) certified to teach Smart Cycling is a great way to help cyclists in your community. Certified instructors can teach Smart Cycling classes to children as well as adults. Help bring the joy of safe cycling to others. If you are an experienced cyclist and would like to teach others please consider taking the next step towards certification. Becoming a League member and taking Traffic Skills 101 are prerequisites for a certification seminar.

Frequently asked questions about the LCI program are located here. Note that while the League material mentions a fee of $200, it is our understanding that this has been raised to $300, but is not reflected yet on the League’s website. And the agenda for a typical seminar here.