Lifetime Members

Lifetime Members of the New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition have shown extraordinary commitment and dedication to the success of the NJBWC, through either substantial financial support or through contributions of time and effort above and beyond over an extended period of time.

The Lifetime Members of the NJBWC are:

  • In Memory of Andrea Gonzalez from Peter Kim
  • Morristown Council President Stefan Armington
  • Ashley Cruz
  • Lloyd Davis
  • Diane Doherty
  • Marty Epstein
  • Essex County Freeholder Vice President Brendan Gill
  • James Hunt
  • Karen Jenkins
  • Judy Lauber
  • Fair Haven Mayor Benjamin Lucarelli
  • Douglas McQueen
  • Jim Nicholson
  • Brendan Poh
  • Bill Ruddick
  • Brian Stolar
  • James Vance
  • Cyndi Steiner
  • Jim Paul

To become a Lifetime Member, please contact Debra Kagan, Executive Director, at