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Bipartisan 102-1 Vote Sends NJ Safe Passing Bill To Governor Where on August 5th the Bill Was Signed Into Law!

    New Jersey joins 42 other states with safe passing laws designed to end the near misses, injuries and fatalities of the most vulnerable road users.

Summer’s here and more of us are out walking, running, scooting, riding a bicycle, pushing a stroller, or moving about in a wheelchair—legally–ON NJ’s roads.

Sadly, many of us have had close calls with passing vehicles—or worse. We’ve had too many serious injuries and too many deaths.

The SAFE PASSING BILL tells drivers how to pass us SAFELY.

Our campaign proposed one of the strongest SAFE PASSING laws in the country. Sixteen Senators and Assembly Reps agreed with us and, in a bipartisan vote, it was approved 102-1.

Thank the Safe Passing Bill Co/sponsors

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Patrick Diegnan, District 18, Primary Sponsor,

Anthony Bucco, District 25, Primary Sponsor,

Nilsa Cruz-Perez, District 5, Primary Sponsor, SENCRUZPEREZ@NJLEG.ORG

Steven Oroho, District 24, Primary Sponsor,

Nia Gill, District 34, Co-sponsor,

Shirley Turner, District 15, Co-sponsor,

Richard Codey, District 27, Co-sponsor,  SENCODEY@NJLEG.ORG

Robert Karabinchak, District 18, Primary Sponsor,

Lisa Swain, District 38, Primary Sponsor,

Sterley Stanley, District 18, Primary Sponsor,

Carol Murphy, District 7, Primary Sponsor,

Anthony Verrelli, District 15, Co-sponsor,

Valerie Huttle Vainieri, District 37, Co-sponsor,

Aura Dunn, District 25, Co-sponsor,

Britnee Timberlake, District 34, Co-sponsor,

Yvonne Lopez, District 19, Co-sponsor,

What’s the Latest on the NJ Safe Passing Bill?

During a moving event on July 29th in Metuchen Borough Hall to honor Oscar Zanoni, a well-liked Metuchen resident who died in a crash while riding his primary form of transportation, his bike, and to mark bipartisan approval of the NJ Safe Passing Bill by a vote of 102-1, New Jersey State Senator PATRICK J. DIEGNAN, JR. (District 18) announced that the Governor’s office called him during the event and confirmed he will sign the bill to make it New Jersey State Law.

The event was hosted by Bike/Walk Metuchen and NJ Vision Zero Alliance with the support of the NJ Bike/Walk Coalition, TEAM4 the NJ SAFE PASSING LAW, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.

Wendy Kukowski, Oscar’s life partner, and Oscar’s twin brother Lee, shared with the packed Council Chamber stories about what made Oscar special to them, to his community and now to the state as they described the law’s potential benefit in everyday lives.

Senator PATRICK J. DIEGNAN, JR. (District 18), Assemblyman ROBERT J. KARABINCHAK (District 18) and Assemblywoman LISA SWAIN (District 38) — three of the 16 sponsors and co-sponsors of the bipartisan bill, cheered our advocacy and explained why they committed their offices to get it done.

Metuchen Councilman Jason Delia, a lead local advocate for the bill, explained that walkers, bicyclists and scooter users on state roadways will finally have the protection long needed when they legally use the state’s roads, protection not available for Oscar Zanoni.

Speaking after the announcement of the Governor’s commitment to sign the bill prompted prolonged applause, Jim Hunt, Safe Passing Law Campaign Leader for the NJ Bike and Walk Coalition, thanked the legislators and told them advocates are ready for the next steps needed to make the law operational next spring. Jim  called the Safe Passing Bill a “cornerstone” in efforts to make NJ a Vision Zero leader, thanked the hundreds of advocates who testified, made calls, sent emails and demonstrated the groundswell of support for SAFE PASSING 4 NJ. He also noted that advocates planned events to thank all 16 NJ Safe Passing Bill sponsors and co-sponsors.

The NJ Safe Passing Law will provide all motorists with clear, enforceable guidelines about when—and how—to pass the most vulnerable on our roads by slowing down, moving over if possible and, if not, passing no less than four feet from walkers, wheelers and bicyclists. Passage of the bill caps over 10 years of education and advocacy led by the NJ Bike & Walk Coalition, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Tri-State Transportation Campaign and the grassroots TEAM4 the NJ Safe Passing Law.

Finally on August 5th, 2021, Governor Murphy signed the Safe Passing bill into law!

Read the full press release: here

2021 Complete Streets Champion Award

The Team4NJ Safe Passing Law was honored to accept a Complete Streets Champion Award at the 2021 Complete Streets Summit.

Read more about the safe passing law and the NJBWC’s work on it in the past here:

Safe Passing Laws are Common Sense

Getting a Safe Passing Law Passed in New Jersey Should be a No Brainer 


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